Where's the turkey and ham?

Betty: I think it's snowing outside.  Clyde: Did you say bird?

Betty: Could it be Christmas already?  Clyde: What's Christmas? You smell fresh. 

Clyde: Is that ham you got in your mouth?

Betty: This is stupid.  Clyde: I heard Mum say bird again.

Enough already!!!


Clyde Asleep

Snuck up on Clyde when I heard his loud snoring and managed to take pictures. I can't get over how funny and adorable he looks here. His slightly displaced lower palate makes him a natural halloween demon dog, no mask or costume needed. Lol...

Bullies head to Sentosa

I have to say that I simply can't get over both how funny and adorable these pictures are. Daddy becomes a human float to the 2 as Clyde isn't too comfortable with water just yet. Clyde always seems to want Betty near him. I see his pushed-in face relax once Betty is close.

We had our friend Agnes come along with us today. Happy she could join us :)

Water was a little deep and Betty wasn't sure about swimming today.

Myself, Mum and Aunty Agnes. The water makes me nervous :(

Thank you Agnes for being such wonderful company and we'd love for you to join us the next time round. Hopefully more bullies will go swimming the next time we visit Sentosa. The below videos were shot by Agnes. We love them!


Thoroughly unflattering. I fell asleep and so did they. Thank you Daddy for being so candid.

Dead to the world.

Ok, this is so funny. Thanks Daddy.


13 September 2013

Took the doggies to Pasir Ris beach today. We really want to visit Sentosa soon. Better waters and sand there. I bet Betty will love it. Clyde too. He's happy as long as he gets to be with Betty.

Be gone slippers! Clyde is very uncertain.

This is Clyde's first visit to the beach.

Betty wants to go into the water.
I really didn't expect Betty to take the initiative to start splashing around.

Waddling through shallow waters.

Such a delight watching her :)

Slightly deeper waters, she swims around me. 

Coming around.

First Bully Ride

21 August 2013

We recently bought a van 'Daihatsu Hijet'. Travelling in a van is absolute fun. It fits the whole family. Myself, hubby and the 2 fur kids. Great for groceries, big space for goods and ideal for picnics. Getting a van was really an idea and I am so happy we made it a decision. Today we took Betty and Clyde out in the van. Destination Katong Park Dog Run. Located at Fort Road.

A clueless Clyde looking back at me.
Clyde seems comfortable in the van, as he's finally decided to lie down.
Betty excited about getting off the van.

We will be installing a mini fan soon to keep the dogs comfortable. The AC is pretty powerful at the front, just ok at the back but it's probably better to circulate more cool air to the back for the dogs. Cool window films to keep the UV rays out came with the van, but we're thinking of having some blinds put in to create a cosy space. I'd love for that Malibu beach look, carib style, cocktail flavour, breezy semblance. We'll see what happens. Many things to consider when owning a vehicle in Singapore. Everything is costly. Just to wrap the seats in a sorta azure blue would set us back a couple of hundred bucks.

Betty is always faster than Clyde.
Anxious beasts awaiting throw ball.

Betty sprints off even before I can throw the ball, leaving a confused Clyde behind.

It's adorable how Clyde always seems to take Betty's lead.

Katong Park Dog Run is an ideal place for dogs, comes shaded with accessible washing facilities. Sadly, very poorly maintained if maintained at all. We're thinking of next visiting Pet Movers' Dog Run. Supposedly a dog run that has pesticide-treated grass, a dog-wading pool, bath facilities for dogs and a cafe with beach tables where you can watch your dogs play at the pool. 4 Pasir Ris Farmway II (6581 3688, www.petmovers.com.sg). Mon-Fri 9am-6pm; Sat & Sun 9.30am-8pm. See http://www.timeoutsingapore.com/aroundtown/feature/run-spot-run